Valentine’s Day Love Stories

Hello!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Heard a beautiful story from one of our friends at A World Within that bought the Beauty & the Beast lighted rose snow globe yesterday!

His girlfriend had been searching for years for a Beast figurine to complement a Princess Belle figurine she bought many years back but was unable to find any.

This year, he saw our snow globe with the Beauty & the Beast figurines, he purchased them as a surprise for her! : ) He said that when the rose lit up, and the music played, her tears fell.. As it meant a lot to her, being able to find her prized collection as well as to know how much she meant to him.. For him to remember what she was looking for all these years..

I am truly touched by this, and happy that our snow globes can bring such joy to our friends! Even more inspired to bring in rare and memorable collectibles..

And so on this note, we wanna wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day once again! May this day of love be a wonderful time with your special someone or with your close friends!


A World Within

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