The Love Story of A World Within

Here at A World Within, we believe that every product that we carry is a story in itself, its a moment that we can re-collect.

We hope to hear your stories too as we launch our latest addition to our blog; The Love Stories. A collection of tales and stories within our own little world.

A World Within presents to you the first collection; Our Love Story.


A story within each snow globe, as I looked into the glass ball of the Victorian Carousel, and placed my hand on the cold and elegant glass, it feels as if I entered into another world. A world of dreams and imaginations, a world where I become a Princess. As the music plays and the horses move, I felt enchanted by the music, the romance and love and history behind every era.

And as I sit out here, watching the raindrops fall and the faint music in the background. It’s a pleasure and a dream came true to be able to bring these “wishes” and “dreams” into one’s life.

May each snow globe that you bring home, be a wish for something higher, be a wish for someone close to you, and most of all may it be a dream come true.

Thank you for sharing our passion with us here at A World Within.

May all your dreams come true.


Jewel @ A World Within

If you would like to share your story too with us, do drop us an email!

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