Dumbo & Mrs. Jumbo Personalized Snowglobe

Dumbo shares a loving look with Mom while Timothy Mouse stands by. Dumbo is a mother’s joy in her life. This is a really sweet piece for any baby that has just stepped into this world. Personalize it up to two lines. a golden plate is provided for your engravings.

Hand-painted, sculpted resin and glass.

Size: 5 1/2” H x 6 1/2” diameter.
Plays: ”Rock A Bye Baby.”

Retails for: SGD199.00

3 thoughts on “Dumbo & Mrs. Jumbo Personalized Snowglobe

  1. HI Paula!

    Do you have a photo of the globe? Currently we do not have any globe that plays Baby mine though? Will keep a look out for you and let you know?



  2. hi i also am searching for a dumbo globe that plays Baby mine,but from what i can remember it was a larger globe and had a train in it on a mountain scene,was sold in the disney stores around 2006.

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