AS-IS: Pinnochio’s Music Box Snowglobe -SOLD-

Pinocchio and Figaro admire Geppetto’s latest creation — a beautiful music box. Wind it up to hear the band inside play ”Brahm’s Waltz” and watch the band leader and the soloist move to the music!

Meanwhile, Jiminy hangs around outside, using his trademark umbrella as a parachute.

A real feather in Pinocchio’s cap and whiskers on Figaro add magical details to this wonderful creation.

Plays the Tune: ”Brahm’s Waltz”
Size: H x L (inch): 8.5″ x 7.25″

Retails for: SGD279.00

*Box damaged during shipment. LESS 10%.

NOW: SGD251.10 -SOLD-

3 thoughts on “AS-IS: Pinnochio’s Music Box Snowglobe -SOLD-

  1. Dear Sirs,
    I have looked for this Pinnocchio snowglobe for years. I bought one like it for a christening present a couple of years ago, but before giving it away we had it on our dining table and played the music at breakfast. We really had to give it away as a present, but afterwards we missed it so much that I have been trying to find one ever since. Is it possible to buy this one? It would have a loving home in Finland and give a lot of happiness to both my husband and I.

  2. Dear Pat,

    Thanks for your comment! Sorry we took so long to reply! We were in Hong Kong Disneyland so we were unable to reply quickly! It must be a pity that Jiminy is missing! I understand how it feels, some of our Disney globes came and it was missing Stitch’s ears.. That was unbearable! : )


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