Mothers’ Day Special

This Mother’s Day, we at A World Within did not want to be all commercial about it and launch just a great sale. We decided to share why we chose this character for Mother’s Day:

This Mothers’ Day, our special is on Snow White. She is like a mother in all ways, from her sacrifices, her hard work in the Seven Dwarfs cottage, just like taking care of 7 little children.

Why Snow White?

Jewel’s mum’s favorite Disney character is Snow White. She once searched everywhere for a Special Edition Laser Disc Box Set of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs just so that their family can watch it together. She pieced together a 5,000 pieces or more jigsaw puzzle of a huge movie poster of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs to hang it up somewhere in the house. Perhaps that’s where Jewel got her genes of “loving Disney” from..


Her mum is always sacrificing, always forgiving and always there for her no matter what happens. She supports her, and never stops her from pursuing her dreams. This is the love that she has for her. We believe that mothers are God’s gift to us, children. For they reflect, patience, and love.

So this year for Mother’s Day, we chose Snow White, just to make her mum smile : ) All Snow White snow globes (except the Happily ever After Collection) will be going for a 30% discount just for all mothers who love the innocent and pure Snow White.

Have a great weekend with all Great Mothers!

A World Within wishes all Mothers, a Happy Mothers’ Day! And may all children love mummy more this day!


Nicole & Jewel

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