Weddings @ A World Within

Dear Friends!

Sorry for the lack of updates after our clearance sales! As we were really busy packing up our showroom and moving into our new place! : ) Now that we are more or less settled in, we have exciting updates!

Weddings @ A World Within is pleased to have our special couple; Debra and Kervin’s wedding favor up here on our blog – a sneak preview before they launch it on their special day! Thanks to Debra and Kervin for allowing us to put it up before the wedding!

We are all so excited about it! Do take a look and tell us if you like it! :

The story of the snow globe, is a romantic proposal while Kervin and Debra were on Holiday in Canada.. so that explains the Maple Leaves theme! Wishing them a blissful marriage! Will take more photos next month during their wedding!

This is a custom snow globe done by A World Within.

Size: 45mm, a mini snow globe (palm size)

Glitters: Confetti and Gold Glitter within!

Designed by A World Within’s designers, the entire theme was designed specially for Debra and Kervin!



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