Twinkle Globe Collection: Love Vows

‘Love Vows’ is the perfect gift for any romantic anniversary. Two gold rings surround an embracing couple as they they declare their endless love for each other. ‘Love Vows’ dances to the tune of We’ve Only Just Begun. The couple within rotates.

Dimension: 100mm
Plays: We’ve Only Just Begun

Retails for: SGD115.50 -ARRIVING SOON-

Pre-order available now!

Twinkle Globe Collection: Victorian Carousel


Victorian Carousel

An elegant Victorian carousel with a revolving base. An excellent house warming gift for display. An collector’s item for a lover of Carousels and waterglobes. A truly amazing piece of art, that we fell in love with this edition of our Carousels series. This is one of our biggest globe to date with intricate details. Please feel free to take a look at our video of the water globe.

Dimension: 150mm
Plays: The Carousel Waltz

Retails for: SGD330.00

Victorian Carousel Close Up

A close up view for the Victorian Carousel.



Twinkle Globe Collection: Glass Humming Birds and Roses

Glass Humming Birds and Roses

The romantic feel of summer is captured by this latest creation. The gold accents add a classy finishing touch to this elegant piece. This waterglobe rotates to the tune of Close to You. Wonderful for wedding gifts, important clients and proposals!

Dimension: 100mm
Plays: Close to You

Retails for: -SOLD OUT-