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Mobile: 8157 3125


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Alternatively you can leave us a comment with your email address and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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A World Within

20 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi!

    im really excited getting to know this site! just wanna ask if the limited ed American Treasures Carousel water globe is still available and how much does it cost? also if its possible to make a reservation?

    i hope you can get back to me! Thanks a million!

  2. Dear A World Within Head,
    Just Would Like To Ask, Is There Any Affordable Price For Students To Buy Your Products? Thanks. ^_^

  3. Hi there! What are your shop’s opening hrs? Would love to come and take a look at your collection and perhaps pick something out for my daughter and myself! We are interested in the Disney Princess collection 🙂


  4. Hey
    Think I’m falling in love… such an expensive love!! 🙂 Pls include me in the mailing list and keep me updated. Are all the globes still available? The Carousel ones are really lovely!!! Wish to know what are your shop’s opening hrs etc too. Thanks! 🙂

  5. you have a very nice collection.. sadly, it’s too expensive if i’ll convert philippines peso to singaporean dollar.. tsk. 1 peso is equivalent to 31 singaporean dollar.. hai. =( i was wondering how much will it cost me plus the shipping.. i really love your snowglobes!!!!! the ariel collection, since i love little mermaid.. do you have tourist spot snowglobes.. err, i don’t know how to call it.. places around the world.. something like that..

  6. I am interested in the snow white and 7 dwarfs snow globe ( she is reading) . How much does it cost. I live in florida ,USA.

  7. hi AWW!

    could you add me in your mailing list pls? I am also a snowglobe collector and i was so delighted when i stumbled upon your site in multiply. i have a friend who lives in singapore so i’ll probably ask him to buy some items for me. would love to be updated of your new items and sale periods.

    thanks much!

  8. How can I be a member of aworldwithin? Gosh I am so into snowglobe right now. And I want to collect and collect. I really want those one that have sounds and lights. They are really breathtakingly beautiful.

  9. hey! could you pls add me to your mail list? i am actually looking out for the snow globe that is featured in My Girl, a korean drama. my friends tried to get it for me but unfortunately precious thoughts had only 1 piece left and they refused to sell it. do you have any idea where to find a similar one? plus, do you have any discount scheme for students too if we buy? thanks!

  10. Hi,

    I’m looking for Baby Pooh themed water globes, and I’m just wondering whether you are able to assist me with it. Would love to surprise my girl each month with a new design if possible.

    • Hi Kc! Sorry for the late reply! You mean globes that have Malaysian icons? Or do you mean if we do send over to Malaysia? Thank you!

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