AS IS: Our Friendship is Sodalicious

Our friendship is Sodalicious, is a beautiful precious moments globe that has long retired already. This piece is from our friend’s own collection so its one piece only! We are selling this AS IS with no box, in its original condition for her!

When you turn it upside down, there is glitters and little pink hearts floating all around.

Plays: In the Summertime
Retails for: SGD59.00

Christmas @ A World Within

Hi all! The long awaited Christmas season is here! We are truly experiencing the Christmas spirit here at AWW! Thank you for all your emails! To facilitate your shopping requests, you can also SMS us at 8157-3125 for urgent orders that require our immediate attention! As stocks might go out faster than normal, do check with us on the availability! 

We are having a Christmas discount on most of the snow globes, do email us with the snow globe you have in mind so that we can quote you the prices! Its a little too much of a hassle to change all the pricings here! 

Some of the promotional items are:

Princesses in a Gazebo: WAS: $599 NOW: $289 A Great Buy! 

Princesses in a Gazebo

Princess Snow White: WAS: $269 NOW: $99

Princess Snow White Snow Globe

Princess Jasmine Snow Globe: WAS: $269 NOW: $179

Princess Jasmine Snowglobe

World of Disney Bookends: WAS: $539 NOW: $389

The World of Disney Bookends Snow Globe

Disneyland Paris: WAS: $569 NOW: $349

Disneyland Paris Snowglobe 

Seven Dwarfs Mine: WAS: $199 NOW: $129

The Seven Dwarfs Mine

Mickey’s Nightmare: WAS: $269 NOW: $199 

Mickey’s Nightmare

American Rotating Carousel: WAS:$269 NOW: $229

The American Treasures Rotating Water Globe

Do email us for more promotions! Also, we are going to launch our SPONGEBOB series! For those we are keen to reserve them, please do email us! Its very high in demand for these! 

Thank you! Happy Christmas Shopping!!! 



Weddings @ A World Within

Dear Friends!

Sorry for the lack of updates after our clearance sales! As we were really busy packing up our showroom and moving into our new place! : ) Now that we are more or less settled in, we have exciting updates!

Weddings @ A World Within is pleased to have our special couple; Debra and Kervin’s wedding favor up here on our blog – a sneak preview before they launch it on their special day! Thanks to Debra and Kervin for allowing us to put it up before the wedding!

We are all so excited about it! Do take a look and tell us if you like it! :

The story of the snow globe, is a romantic proposal while Kervin and Debra were on Holiday in Canada.. so that explains the Maple Leaves theme! Wishing them a blissful marriage! Will take more photos next month during their wedding!

This is a custom snow globe done by A World Within.

Size: 45mm, a mini snow globe (palm size)

Glitters: Confetti and Gold Glitter within!

Designed by A World Within’s designers, the entire theme was designed specially for Debra and Kervin!



Updates from A World Within

Dear Friends of AWW,

Thank you so much for your support during our first week of the clearance sale! We are having our final sale this weekend! Though we are happy with our new office! We are already missing our showroom with our display cabinets! Do drop by during the last week to grab all the discounted items!!!

Was out shopping today and saw some Christmas stuff coming out in stores already! Its Christmas time again, its always exceptionally special at Christmas in A World Within! All the Christmas globes makes me have the warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy! The thought of having milk and cookies on Christmas day!! : ) We are toying with the idea of doing something for the needy this Christmas. Do drop us an email if you guys have any suggestions?

Some new globes are arriving soon this month, so do look for November’s mailing list and member’s discount! Till then, sweet dreams of a snowy white Christmas! : )