AS IS: Our Friendship is Sodalicious

Our friendship is Sodalicious, is a beautiful precious moments globe that has long retired already. This piece is from our friend’s own collection so its one piece only! We are selling this AS IS with no box, in its original condition for her!

When you turn it upside down, there is glitters and little pink hearts floating all around.

Plays: In the Summertime
Retails for: SGD59.00

Precious Moments Boy with Donald Duck toy!

Disney Boy, wide-eyed in wonderment, opens a Christmas package containing the one and only Donald Duck wearing a holiday Santa hat. With a shake of the globe, a blizzard of winter snow surrounds them. The globe nestles in a base of brightly wrapped gift packages flanked by Santa’s helpers, Goofy and Mickey Mouse. From the Walt Disney Showcase Collection by Precious Moments.

Dimensions: 5 1/2” H x 5” W

Plays ”The 12 Days of Christmas” to fill your home with holiday cheer

Retails for: SGD69.00
Donald Duck

25th Anniversary Gift

Hello everyone!!

Thought I would just share a new globe that I got for my parents who celebrated their 26th Wedding Anniversary yesterday! My mummy wanted a 25th anniversary figurine from Precious Moments last year but I was unable to get it from the local stores! So this year, I searched extensively for this 25th Wedding Anniversary snow globe! She was really happy to receive it! Watching her tilt the mini globe upside down and shaking it to see the glitters come down on the globe made my day! : )

This is what A World Within is made of.. Gifts that will make everyone smile! Here is a little photo of it!



Counting our many Blessings

Dear Friends of A World Within,

We hope you had a fantastic Mothers’ Day! We are busy preparing for our next booth, this time its at the Grand Hyatt Hotel’s “The Fair”! Details will be up soon, so do visit us for latest products and promotions! While we were doing that, I have not stopped looking for my favorite snow globes to add into my own personal collection, so here is the little story that I would love to share!

I once went into one of the Precious Thots retail outlets @ Raffles City and saw on display this really colorful and meaningful Precious Moments Figurine! I was really attracted by the color, it was a boy getting some gum balls from a gum ball machine! And the words wrote: Count your many blessings! Sadly, it was not for sale, have been searching for it but to no avail!

But I guess its always a blessing, I found the Snow globe version in the States! Its really a lovely piece, and its A World Within’s mailing list display globe now!

I read through my “The official Precious Moments Collector’s Guide to Figurines Second Edition” by John & Malinda Bomm and here is the story:

“Sam (Butcher) designed this figurine for a collector named Penny who lived in Canada. She gave Sam Canadian pennies and bugged him for years to make a figurine of her. At the 2000 Collector’s Christmas Weekend she was asked to come on stage. As she was helping Sam she picked up a cloth and found her figurine, Count your many blessings.”

Sweet.. A penny for a change of a figurine..

Have a great week ahead!



A World Within Presents the Precious Moments Collection

Dear Friends,

We are very happy and excited to launch our Precious Moments Collection! All thanks to the people @ Precious Moments whom we have established a fantastic working relationship with!

I have been a collector of Precious Moments since 1998! And my very first snow globe was a Precious Moments “Jingle Bells” one!

Thus, this milestone of A World Within means a lot to us! To be able to carry such an inspirational brand is our honor!

We hope you like the collection of Precious moments globes here! We look forward to bringing you more of such lovely snow globes!


Jewel @ A World Within