AS IS: It all started with a mouse snow globe

It all started with a mouse snowglobe, featuring Mickey in steamboat Willie! The globe features an assortment of Disney characters Alice in wonderland, Donald, Goofy, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Baloo, Merlin from sword in the stone, Snow White, Stitch, Cogsworth & Lumiere, Abu, Sebastian and several others with Steamboat willie inside the globe.

The snowglobe has an auto glitter blower.

Plays “zip a dee doo dah”.
**Comes with a limited edition Steamboat Willie pin.

Retails for: SGD529.00 -SOLD OUT-

*Bird on Merlin’s head was chipped
*Goofy’s head was chipped
*Abu’s hand cracked (glued back)
*Stitch’s ears are broken and missing

LESS 50%

NOW: SGD264.50

Walt Disney World’s Double Dumbo Snowglobe

Walt Disney presents the flying Dumbo, he rotates in the globe, an unique double globe that is rare for collectors.

The windows around the snowglobe lights up with two AA batteries.

The rest of the disney characters surround the globe. All the unique characters like Hercules and Genie!

Size: 9 inches tall.
Plays: “A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes”

Retails for: SGD469.00 – SOLD-

* Box damaged during shipment

LESS 10%

NOW: SGD422.10

World of Disney Special

The World of Disney Bookends are very intricately designed that we wanted to capture every aspect of the snowglobe! So here are some special photos just for your viewing pleasure! Have a great week ahead!


A World Within

The World of Disney Bookends Snow Globe

Your books will have a magical beginning and happy ending when they’re placed between these beautifully detailed bookends featuring all your favorite Disney characters through the years. Everyone’s here including Mickey, Snow White, Pinocchio, Alice, Peter Pan, Bambi and Aladdin. And not forgetting Belle and Stitch.

Hand-painted, sculpted resin and glass

* Snowglobes include blowers
* Each bookend requires 2 AA batteries, included

Size: Vol. I bookend 9” H x 7” W x 6 1/2” D.
Size: Vol. II bookend 9” H x 7” x 7”
Vol. I bookend plays ”Whistle While You Work”
Vol. II bookend plays ”Friend Like Me”

A very special piece of snow globe, the Vol.I consists of the more classic characters like Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Pinnochio and so the Mickey Mouse in the globe is the classic Mickey. So in Vol. II, the more contemporary characters appear; the genie, the little mermaid, Belle and Stitch! All in the world of Disney…

Where dreams really do come true…

Retails for SGD539.00

Member’s Price: SGD436.59 (10% + 10%) till 30th April 2008.

VOL I. Book End:

VOL. II Bookend: