Care of Globes

Dear Friends of AWW,

These are step by step instructions on how to take your snow globes out of the boxes. As they are very fragile, you need to be careful when taking them out. : )

1. Snowglobe is FRAGILE and BREAKABLE
2. Always lift and hold at base and side of glass globe, using two hands, to avoid breakage
4. SLOWLY and GENTLY lift snowglobe to remove from foam.

For those with intricate details on the base and the top of the globes, please be careful when handling them as they might break if you exert force. Always carry your globes by the base.

For displaying of the globes, you can place a little tea lights’ cup of water to prevent dust in the globes. This works only for enclosed cabinets though. : )

As all our products are fragile and mostly hand painted and hand crafted, we do advise Friends of AWW to be careful while handling your prized collections.

We currently do not have a repair service available in Singapore, but AWW is striving to obtain this service. We will keep you updated.

Do feel free to email us or call us should you require more information!


A World Within

5th March 2008:

Another interesting discovery of Water Globes and why they have air bubbles:

There are various reasons why water globes develop air bubbles. High heat can cause evaporation of the water in the globe, extreme cold can cause freezing and temporarily shrink the rubber that holds in the water of the globe, some water may leak out as it defrost therefore causing an air bubble. Another possibility is trapped air in the lining of the seal that may be forced out during shipping because of the vibrations of the plane, truck or boat. Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee waterglobes will not develop an air bubble now or in the future.

So one way, is to keep them out of extreme heat and cold as much as you can! : )


A World Within

9th June 2008: An interesting excerpt from Twinkle Globe

CARE TIP ONE: Do not over wind musicals, always make sure that the musical key is turned only twice at a time. Over winding a musical will cause the spring that rotates the musical to break and it is not possible to repair this once this has happened.

CARE TIP TWO: If you make it a plan to dust your collectibles when you vacuum your products will need less detailed care in the futures. An accumulation of dust will cause your products to look old and discolored if this happens clean your musicals and the base of your waterglobes with a mild, no abrasive cleaner. A window cleaner can also be used to clean the glass globe of your waterglobe.

6 thoughts on “Care of Globes

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you do personalize globes? One that I can request on how the inside part will look like? Say the picture wise or even in sculpting sentences ??

  2. Hi Eldric! Thank you so much for your comment! Currently we personalize snow globes for wedding favors and corporate events, so that you can request on how the inside of the globe can look like, and to add sentences.

    But for single pieces, its a little bit challenging, as the cost will be more for us to sculpt the model for just one piece, so the retail price for it will be slightly more expensive for special customization.

    How big do you wish for the globe to be? So I can check if we can do it for you?

    Thank you!

    Jewel @ A World Within

  3. I have had one of my globes in the closed for a while and when i took it out there was some stuff in the water… will it dissolve in time or do i have to switch out the water?… it has glitter in it.

  4. Dear Hulda,

    Thank you for your mail! Was the globe enclosed in a heated place where there might be direct sunlight? Is it a glass globe or a plastic dome? If it is a glass globe, the stuff in the water might be the glitter being stuck together of just some chemical reactions in the water that caused it. Unfortunately though, if its a glass globe, you will not be able to switch out the water yourself? As its glued firmly to the base?

    There might not be much you can do to it though, have some of my globes that turned out this way too! So as a precaution in future, you just have to keep them in a cool place, out of sunlight?

    Tune them up sometimes and it will accompany you for a long while! : )

    Do let me know if there is anything else I can help?

    Thank you!


  5. It was in a dark closet, it’s glass … large with a thing that goes around the globe and a music box, noticed a little plastic like tap at the bottom, not sure if it’s to drain off water or not.

    Tried moving it around a little… kind hard cause of all the decorations around it … will try to do that more regularly now. Cause I have another one that was in the same place and there’s nothing like that in that one


  6. i have a water globe that i put in my closet, when i got it down it had a bubble in it i wanted to give away as a gift it there anything do get the bubble out?

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